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Are homes free?

Habitat homes are not free. Each candidate for a Habitat home must qualify to become a homeowner. They must have a good (but not necessarily perfect) credit history, they must be able to afford a zero percent mortgage where the mortgage principal is paid each month by the homeowner, they must have a good history of paying rent and other bills in a timely manner.

What are the qualifications for a homeowner applicant?

Each applicant must be a resident of Powhatan or held a job in Powhatan for the last year. They must be willing to put in at least 200 hours of sweat equity in the construction of the home. They must be goodwill ambassadors for Habitat For Humanity after moving into the home. Each applicant must fill out an application giving job history, rental history, credit history and more.

Is Habitat now accepting applications

We are not accepting applications at this time because we have no land on which to build a home. We are looking for land and hope that in the near future, we will find available property that we can afford to buy. When we have land, a notice will be put up on our Facebook page (Habitat For Humanity – Powhatan) and on this website. We will also notify churches and agencies in Powhatan that we will begin to accept applications.

What about your critical repair program?

Our critical repair program helps low-income individuals with repairs to their home. The repair needed must be critical in nature and not just cosmetic.  The repair must relate to safe and sanitary living conditions in the home. The home must be owned by the applicant and the applicant must have homeowner’s insurance. Our budget is limited and therefore the amount we can spend doing repairs on each home is limited also.

Who does the repairs?

Most of the time, our volunteers!   Our volunteers do not do roofing repairs, HVAC repairs or electrical repairs.   For those, we hire professionals. 

First, you need to fill out a Critical Repair Application.   You will need to include verification of your income.  We receive a grant from Social Services and so our funds need to be used for low-income individuals.   Then someone from Habitat will visit your home and discuss what can be done.   We will then schedule the work.   Remember, we are working mostly with volunteers, so it may take a couple of weeks to get to your repairs.

How do I get critical repair work done on my house?
I understand Habitat has a store. Tell me about that.

The Habitat Store is open generally on the first and third Saturdays of each month.   We are closed on holiday weekends.   Our store hours are from 10 Am to 2 PM.  All of the merchandise for sale has been donated and we specialize in building materials, appliances, and cabinets.  We have lots of plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures.  Our stock turns over frequently so if you don’t see something you need, it may be there the next time the store is open.

How do I donate to the Habitat Store?

Please call 804-594-7009 and we will work with you to determine if what you have to donate is suitable for sale in the store.

Do you do pickups for store donations?

Yes, in some cases. Depending on the location and the item to be donated, we can do pickups.

How do I volunteer?

We have many opportunities for volunteers! You can volunteer to help build a house, work in the store, or do critical repairs! Send an email to hfh.powhatan@gmail.com.

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