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Critical Repair

Turning Interest Into Action

Critical repair is an important aspect of HFH-P. Through Habitat Powhatan’s ‘critical repair’ program, our volunteers perform a host of repairs for residents in the county who cannot afford to complete the much needed repairs themselves. This program was initiated in 2011 to address home repairs that are considered critical to the structural integrity, safety or utility of the home. Repairs must be beyond the capacity of the household to accomplish without assistance.

Households for critical repairs must:

  • Own and live in a single-family home in Powhatan County.

  • Have homeowner’s insurance.

  • Meet gross household income limits. Click here to check if you qualify.

 Typical repairs have included roof repair, floor joist repairs, safety issues with electrical and plumbing, heating issues and individual window replacements. 


If you are in need of such assistance and meet the qualifications, contact the Executive Director at or (804) 594-7009, ext 2.

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